Our Objectives

1- Education :-

  • Establishment and /or acquisition, promotion and maintenance or support of Gurukuls, School, Colleges, Polytechnics, Management Institutions and Science Colleges, Pharmacy, Medical, Dental and Para Medical, Nursing colleges, Technical Engineering Colleges, other institutions and job-oriented courses.
  • To promote and propagate studies and research. in philosophy, religion, yoga, ethical and spiritual culture and aII branches of knowledge pertaining to the physical-, mental, moral and, spiritual development of people without any distinction as to race, caste, creed, sex, country. religious denomination or social standing;
  • To establish. and run Ashramas or hermitages, spiritual training centers and educational- and research institutions for the study and research of all branches of knowledge mentioned in (a1)
  • Establishment and maintenance of and support of Professorships, Fellowships, Lectureships, Scholarships and prizes in schools, colleges or any other educational Institutions
  • Establishment and maintenance and support of Hostels and / or Boarding Houses and grant of free Boarding and Lodging to poor and deserving students upon such terms and for such period in each case as the Trustees may think fit irrespectively of religion or caste.
  • To publish literature on all aspects of education, Medical, social awareness, Yoga.
  • Grant of Endowments at the Universities, Research Institutions and Other Educational and Scientific Institution (Whether now existing or hereinafter established) for spread of education and knowledge in all or any branches of knowledge.
  • Awarding Scholarships and Fellowships on such terms & conditions as the Trustees may think fit for the purpose of undertaking, perpetuating and encouraging education and research Work for meritorious students/fellows
  • Awarding Scholarships & cash payments to deserving poor students desirous of receiving primary, secondary or higher education.

2- Medical Relief :-

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  • Awarding Scholarships & cash payments to deserving poor students desirous of receiving primary, secondary or higher education.

Medical Relief :-

  • To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant, donate for and to aid in the establishment, maintenance, running, development, improvement and extension of innovative medical projects, ambulance services, with special emphasis on trauma care, afford first aid treatment, cure and other medical relief to the public especially to the accident victims.
  • To establish maintain, develop and donate for the establishment maintenance and development of projects to render medical, both preventive and curative services to the industrial workers.
  • To establish, maintain, develop and donate for the establishment, maintenance and development of projects to render medical services in the home of the aged, the physically handicapped, the bedridden and the mentally retarded.
  • To establish institutions or colleges for imparting education in the areas of trauma Care, medical, Para medical, Nursing and other allied subjects.
  • To publish literature on all aspects of health care.
  • To establish and maintain hospitals, clinics, medical, laboratories and research units affording facilities of medical relief to the accident victims, the aged, physically handicapped and mentally retarded.

3- Upliftment of Weaker Section of Society :-

  • To promote public charitable objects or purposes, which will be or is intended to advance the wellbeing of the people or for their welfare and upliftment without distinction of any caste religion or community.
  • To assist and provide for the poor by constructing community halls, Rest houses, dormitories, wells, tube wells, drinking water facilities, etc., to conduct feeding of the poor and to give, food, clothing and cash grants for the poor, and to grant donations for the support of the inmates of orphanages, rescue and rehabilitation centers, and similar institutions. The poor may also be assisted by way of teaching of Crafts, engineering and similar skills, and industrial Training including on the job training.
  • To undertake, carryout, promote and sponsor rural development including any programs for promoting the social and economic welfare and the upliftment of the public and or incur any expenditure on any programs of rural development programmer and to assist in the executing and promoting thereof either directly or through any agency or in any other manner.
  • To provide or render help and assistance to and or implement any schemes for providing livelihood and upliftment of the poor.
  • To give sponsor, provide food, medicine and other help and/or assistance in any shape to the poor and needy.
  • To give, provide and / or render monetary and /or other help start, maintain and assist in any relief measure for the relief of the persons and animals affected by natural and other calamities such as flood, fire, cyclone, earthquake, storm, accident, drought, epidemic, strikes, riots and the like and to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions, establishments, or persons doing relief works on such occasions.
  • To acquire, fund, promote or assist in cash or kind for conducting marriages of the poor or needy.

4- Religious, Charitable & Environment :-

  • Construction and running of Temple, Ashram, Schools, colleges, education institutions, free dispensaries, Centers for feeding poor’s , and for the benefit of the public.
  • Providing for grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students for pursuing education, vocational training, skill development etc.
  • Providing financial assistance for feeding the poor directly and through other institutions.
  • Establishment, conduct, maintenance of old age homes, homes for physically challenged men, women and children and persons with similar disabilities and for granting financial assistance to institutions performing similar activities.
  • Food arrangement for the old age/senior citizens.
  • Grant of donation to any Temple, Mosque, Church, Gurudwara and other places of worship and / or religious institutions. However, the Trust also undertake any religious activities.
  • Helping with resources to the organizations playing role in environment safety.
  • Carrying out the activities for Plantation / Mass Plantation.
  • Providing all kind of assistance for the org/companies involve in renewal energy, electrical vehicle, automotive Research & development considering this will help the nature with clean energy uses.
  • Trust can grant loans to registered companies or individuals for creating jobs on agreed term and conditions.
  • Providing relief to the poor and advancing any other object of general public utility.
  • To contribute for the construction of any community hall, dharmshala, hostel, boarding house, library, reading rooms, wedding hall etc., for use by the public.
  • The above activities will be carried out with motive of public welfare and only nominal charges, if any, will be levied if required. However, surplus if any arising out of any of the activities of the Trust will be reinvested solely for the attainment of objectives of the Trust and will not be distributed either directly or indirectly for the benefit of the Trustee.